Will There Even Be Any Craft Fairs This Fall?

I’m sure that you are all wondering the same thing that we’ve been wondering—what happens to the holiday craft fairs in light of COVID? Will there be any at all? If so, how many vendors will they allow? How many people will they allow in the high-school gyms? It’s a mess!

Currently, we have heard from two of the four holiday craft fairs we normally do in the fall.

  • The Fine Arts and Crafts Market has moved up its date to September 26th and will have the fair outdoors in the parking lot at Lewis Palmer High School. Instead of a two-day fair, it will be on Saturday only.
  • The school district for Cheyenne Mountain High School will not allow their fair to take place at the school at all, indoors or outdoors. The organizers of the fair are trying to find another location, but we have nothing definite yet.
  • We have not yet heard anything concrete from Rampart or Liberty High Schools. They are both in the same district, and I imagine the decisions for both will be the same since they have already cancelled all other school events this fall.

Tough Decisions to Make

At this point, it doesn’t look good for our high school craft fairs, and we are considering options for virtual “craft fair days” as an alternate. Originally, we had a crew all ready to take over our Colorado Springs fairs as we hit the road in our RV, but with the added cost of an additional booth setup, the likelihood of cancelled fairs, the reduced attendance, and the uncertainty of EVERYTHING right now, we have sadly decided to be at just ONE fair this fall—the Fine Arts & Crafts Market (now outdoors) at Lewis Palmer High School on September 26.

It makes us very sad to not see you at the high schools this fall as we have for the past 6 years, but we will be ramping up our online presence and making lotion as we travel. Look for more Facebook posts about where we are and what we are doing. For those of you who are wondering, “What? RV? On the road? What are you talking about?”, that story is here.

Our Online Store Is Open!

Our website store is always open! As we head off to travel the US, we will not be able to continue the local pickup option for our Colorado Springs customers. That option will go away on September 19th. You can always order on the website and we will ship to wherever you are! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks about virtual craft fairs!

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