Scent Your Own Colorado Crème!


I’ve had quite a few requests for unscented mousse or extra dry formula from those who have super-sensitive skin. Usually I steer them to Crème Brulée, which has such a light vanilla scent that it doesn’t bother most people. I get requests from essential-oil fans who would like to scent their own as well.

So in response, I’m introducing an Unscented Extra Dry formula and an Unscented Body Mousse. Both will be in jars for ease of mixing in your own essential oils and both will be the same prices as the scented versions. So, for all you sensitive-skin sufferers and doTerra and Young Living customers and representatives, here’s a great combination—Colorado Crème and your custom oil blends! Or, Colorado Crème and no scent at all!

Just choose the Shop tab and go to the Extra Dry formula page or the luxurious Body Mousse page and choose Unscented from the drop-down menu. Although the mousse shows a picture of a bottle, the Unscented will come in a 8 oz jar. Happy scenting!

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