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We’ve posted on Facebook about our new-to-us motorhome, but many of you don’t know just HOW crazy we are. We are planning to sell everything (NOT High Country Skincare) and travel the country as we work remotely! This has been a dream of ours for years, and we truly began planning and working toward it in September of 2017. Here we are, three years later and we are FIVE weeks from moving into our 39-foot Holiday Rambler Ambassador! (September 22 is the day, and that is auspicious because it is my birthday!) Why on earth would we do such a crazy thing? Well, here’s a journal entry I wrote three years ago when this plan really solidified in our hearts:


Steve has always had the desire to travel the US in an RV, but for me, this is a recent development. A home, family, kids, and a job or two all made traveling around like gypsies sound very impractical. But, as our kids hit their teen years, and I had been-there-done-that with the big house and yard, I have found myself longing for something simpler. When you are young and climbing the corporate ladder, bigger does seem better. But I’ve lived through that, and a real-estate boom and bust in which we lost our livelihood and most of our investments.

Now I find myself wishing for more experiences and less stuff. I look back at those years of plenty and wish that, rather than reinvesting it all into real estate for the future (which then evaporated), we had used some of that money to travel. Of course, traveling with three small children sure seemed daunting and not nearly as much fun for me, the mom. Still, now I wish we had attempted it.

At present, we’ve got the oldest in college, and the younger two in high school. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! In the not-too-distant future it will be just the two of us. Two people can live with a lot less stuff than two people and three teenagers. I’m still boggled by the amount of stuff a teenager can generate. It seems to multiply and overflow out of their rooms! Two people can live a lot more frugally than two people and three teens. Clubs, sports, sports equipment, camps, Prom and Homecoming dresses, competitions and trips, knee surgeries, medications—it never seems to end!

So, I’m looking forward to having less stuff, fewer expenses, and more time. Time is the other thing I’m longing for. To be unhurried, what a luxury! A full-time job means your life is too full of work. There’s hardly any time left to be with your family or for quiet, creative, stare-out-the-window time. It’s a mad dash of after-school activities, picking up kids, cooking dinner, cleanup, laundry, homework supervision, and lunch-packing. Mornings are just as hectic. I’d like to know who decided that a full-time job had to be eight hours a day!

Less stuff, fewer expenses, and more time would mean that we could pursue our interests, work our own hours, and see more of this beautiful continent’s back roads and hidden gems! How will we do this? That’s what we are researching right now! First and foremost, how will we make a living on the road? Even more importantly, what is God’s will for us as we explore this desire to become nomads?

It’s kinda cool to look back and realize that we still feel exactly the same way we did then. There’s so much to do in the next five weeks that we’re somewhat overwhelmed, but we are also SUPER EXCITED! I’ll share more soon about exactly what we are doing and where we’re going. We’ve created a Facebook page called High Country Travels to share because we’re taking High Country Skincare on the road with us.

Please like our page and we’ll keep you posted on how all this pans out. Colorado friends, don’t worry, we’ve got the fall craft fairs covered, as long as COVID allows us to. Our online store will always be open.Come along with us on this adventure and see where it takes us. Maybe you, too, have crazy dreams of selling everything and living on the road. God is the One who knows where we’ll end up going!

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