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A rich, creamy formula for extra dry skin and those hard-to-hydrate spots like winter-dry hands, elbows, and knees.

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A rich, creamy formula for extra dry skin and those hard-to-hydrate spots like winter-dry hands, elbows, and knees.

Choose from these tantalizing scents:

NEW! Lavender Lemongrass My favorite combination and our new best seller! Lovely lemongrass with a hint of lavender.

Black Currant Vanilla Think warm berries with vanilla ice cream, mmmm,a best seller.

Lavender Soothing, clarifying, balancing, calming lavender essential oil scents this classic cream.

Honeysuckle The essence of summer in a jar—a delightful sweet floral scent makes this a favorite.

Sweet Orange Rich, fruity, citrus, spirit-lifting sweet orange essential oil scents this luxurious cream.

Peppermint Originally our foot creme, this peppermint is great for all-over moisturizing.

Unscented Perfect for those sensitive to scents or for adding your own custom essential oil blends.


Ingredients: distilled water, coconut oil, beeswax, vegetable emulsifying wax, glycerin, essential oil or natural fragrance

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Weight 5 oz

Lavender Lemongrass, Black Currant Vanilla, Lavender, Honeysuckle, Sweet Orange, Unscented, Peppermint

9 reviews for Extra Dry Formula (4 oz jar) Choose Your Scent

  1. Jan

    I use this on my feet every night—which are usually dry and cracked. Ever since using this– no issues whatsoever AND it is not greasy at all– love it!

  2. Jennifier

    This stuff is amazing! I moved to Colorado from South Florida and my skin did not like the change. After showing or washing dishes I have always had issues with dry skin, but enter dry climate and cold weather, NOTHING added enough moisture that went deep enough and lasted long enough as this product.

    I found this product at a craft fair completely by chance. I was talking to one of the creators and she mentioned that she was from Florida as well, which was her inspiration for this product! I tried the vanilla and fell in Love! I’m not a vanilla fan normally, but this different vanilla flavor I can’t get enough of! The lotion gets deep into my skin and stays for hours. With other lotions I used I was lucky to get an hour out of it. I use it on my hands, feet, legs, upper back and shoulders, lower back. It’s amazing! I must mention that I have combination skin that has been difficult to keep under wraps for years. Many lotions will clog my pores and make me break out. Not this stuff! It’s amazing, amazing, AMAZING!

  3. Leslie Saint

    I absolutely LOVE the extra dry formula!
    This is an amazing product which leaves your skin soft with no greasy or oily residue.

    I have lived in Colorado for 30 years and always have dry and cracked hands winter or summer. This is the only product that I have used that in only a couple of applications leaves me with soft and hydrated skin.

  4. Thomas W. Rudey

    My girlfriend went to Briarfest and stumbled upon your booth. I have a severe case of eczema on my hands to the point of heavy peeling, splits, and bleeding. She picked up a container of Colorado creme unscented (I’m a man, I do not like smelling like flowers.) This stuff has worked miracles in conjunction with my prescription. I use my prescription before bed and your creme during the day to keep my hands from drying out. In a matter of about a week, I have seen major improvements!
    Minus some scarring I have from previous flare-ups, my hands are clear again! I wanted to stop here and leave a big thank you! I’ve tried many products, but none have worked as well as yours up to this point. Anyone suffering from heavy eczema should give this product a try!

  5. Naomi Ironwing

    Since moving to Colorado from Oregon about 9 years ago, I have tried everything I could find to relieve my drydrydry hands, cuticles and arms, from natural formulations to old drugstore standbys to high dollar designer formulations, and NOTHING provided any relief for longer than about 20 minutes. I tried Colorado Creme when I met Ellen at a show, and when it kept my hands soft and hydrated, I went back and bought two jars. The next day I noticed that the place on my finger that had been cracking, peeling, and bleeding for two months was softer and healing over. I went back and told her she was my HERO! I hope you go on to develop the perfect face cream/lotion next, Ellen – and an under-eye cream… I’ll be your first customer!

  6. Sheryl

    I bought a jar of the extra dry body mousse for my daughter to use on her hands, which were so dry and rough from lots of hand washing during cold and flu season. She has been using it regularly, and her hands have improved so much you wouldn’t know she’d had dry skin in the first place! She’s also used the crème on some eczema spots and is seeing improvement there too. She loves the honeysuckle scent. That’s one of my favorite scents too, along with peppermint. We love Colorado Crème!

  7. Ian

    I’ve used big-name products for dry, chapped hands, and they have worked great, except that they are oily. After using the other products, my hands slip when I try to twist a lamp switch, and I’m nervous about staining certain fabrics or leaving a trace of the lotion on food I’m preparing. Not so with Colorado Crème! Colorado Crème rubs in smoothly but finishes dry; no worries about trying to grip small objects, staining fabric, or leaving traces in food!

    Moreover, the scents are light and do not linger. I like scent, but I don’t like smelling like a honeysuckle vine or candy canes for hours. The scents in Colorado Crème are noticeable when first applied, but they are far from over-powering, and the scents fade before they become annoying. In other words, Colorado Crème scents are the perfect combination of strength and longevity. If you like smelling like honeysuckle, get the perfume or cologne.

    Finally, I found a product that preserves my hands from painful rashes and cracking without feeling greasy or bombarding me with over-strong scents!

  8. Jan

    Love this product! I keep a jar at my bedside and one on my desk at work. My favorites scents are lavender and honeysuckle–and I love that the lavender here isn’t diluted by vanilla or another scent.

  9. Tammy Bradley

    This stuff is the bomb! We stayed in Colorado riding our mules for 3 months. It totally saved my face, lips and hands. I even use it here in Florida and it does not irritate me at all which most lotions or creams will in the humidity. Love, love it. Also, the scents are not strong which is very nice.

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