Welcome to the brand-new High Country Skincare Blog! Now what do I write? How about how all this started?

I never in a million years thought I’d be living in Colorado. I’m an East Coast girl lately from Florida, but that’s a story for another day. While I do miss the beaches, the water, and mild winters, I love Colorado’s climate too. But do all people who move to Colorado have this love/hate relationship with the dryness? My skin went into shock when I got here! I took off a pair of black dress pants at the end of the day and was horrified to find MY SKIN all over the inside, in spite of the lotion I had applied. I had dry skin in Florida but this was ridiculous.

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So you see why I went on a quest for a better lotion. I didn’t want to spend $$$ on those really fancy spa lotions with a bazillion scientific ingredients—I wanted simple and effective. My body doesn’t seem to like the chemical and artificial, so I had to go natural. (Natural, not au natural, people.)

I like the challenge of figuring things out, so I scoured the Internet for recipes and natural ingredients and got to tinkering. My first attempts were successful in that I made lotion. But it was lotion like all the other lotion I had tried—either I was flaking in 15 minutes or I was a complete greaseball and couldn’t touch anything. I hate that feeling.

More tinkering. And tweaking. Some epic fails. Improvements!

I wanted a lotion that would hydrate as well as lock in moisture. That means it has to contain oil and water. Lotions that contain no water are, well, oily. Not what I wanted. I also discovered that there are natural ingredients called humectants that draw moisture from the air to themselves. I definitely wanted those! After a year, I had my formula.

Mind you, I was only planning to supply my family with lotion. But I gave it as Christmas gifts one year. And I blinked at the response. Wow. “Sell it at the craft fair,” friends urged, so I did. WOW. This was for real. I had created something different. Cool! And fun! What a treat to see people’s responses when they tried it.

Um, what do I call it?

I named it, rather naively, Colorado Crème, because it was my Colorado cream. I didn’t realize that the alliteration was catchy, having Colorado in the name appealed hugely to tourists who wanted a useful souvenir, and being all natural, it appealed to the green element in this state! The logo I designed came together perfectly—green leaves for natural and the mountain in the middle for Colorado. Tadah! I cruised drugstore shelves and decided that green bottles were different, so that was the way to go.

Colorado Creme Luxurious Skin Mousse

Then a friend recommended me to a boutique in town (thank you Laura and Sharon at Vie Boutique and Floral Studio on Tejon!) and that launched it.  MY LOTION WAS IN A STORE! Sorry, still have to pinch myself sometimes. Now Colorado Crème is in multiple stores in Colorado and being ordered online by people all over the dry West. We’re growing!

So, that’s my unlikely story—be encouraged. Try something new. Chemistry was not my background. (I’m an editor and graphic designer.) Take the opportunity. Take the leap of faith. You never know what wonderful things could come of it. You never WILL know if you don’t.

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