My advice to all you planning spring weddings, don’t pick the third weekend of May. Why? Because when you have kids who grow up and go to school, the last week of school will invariable fall on your anniversary. And you will never get to celebrate your anniversary on the day, you’ll have to put it off until finals are over, school is out, and all the parties and events are done.

Beloved at Playa Mujeres

Which was why Steve and I celebrated our 30th anniversary a month late…again. But hey, this time it was a big one and we took a trip to Cancun. Yep, left the kids and bugged out to a gorgeous little all-inclusive resort just north of Cancun called Beloved. Amazing place, despite the fact that it rained all day five of the seven days we were there!

We drank margaritas on the beach, ate guacamole every day, and even got in a couple of sails on the Hobie cat.

the best guacamole ever

I did notice that my skin sure didn’t need as much lotion as it does in Colorado!

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