High Country Skincare provides instant softness to my skin without a slimy or greasy feeling. My sensitive nose appreciates a scent that is fragrant, yet not overpowering.

Nancy Sutton Colorado Springs

I just started using High Country Skincare and I LOVE it! The mousse and cream formulas soak into your skin instantly without feeling heavy or sticky.

Marie Colorado Springs

I have found High Country Skincare to be a very unique product. Unlike most other lotions, it seems to melt right into my skin. It absorbs right away and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. It instantly refreshes that dry, tight feeling and restores suppleness to my skin.

Macki Colorado Springs

I love this lotion! My hands have been so dry and cracked this year. I’ve tried coconut oil, and so many lotions, nothing worked–until now. I’ve only been using it about 2 weeks and cannot believe the difference! I also love that it does not make your hands feel greasy. Thank you.

Krysti Shook Colorado Springs

I bought a bottle of the Pink Grapefruit body mousse a few days ago and LOVE it. My hands have always cracked and bled in our dry Colorado climate and I don’t usually like using lotion because of how oily my hands always feel afterwards – your product feels soft, non-oily, and smells amazing! I’ll be a continuing customer.

Jo Pinegar Colorado Springs

I love this lotion. I have so many lotions that I never use because they leave me feeling greasy, but not this one. It absorbs so well into my skin. I’m currently even using it as tattoo after-care and it moisturizes fantastically!

Brenna Harvey Colorado Springs

‎Great Products!!!

Deby Kenyon Colorado Springs

I was given a jar of High Country Skincare for my birthday in November and absolutely loved it! I kept mine in the refrigerator and it felt so good after a nice hot shower. I tried the orange cream. Next I want to try the peppermint.

Peri Gardiner Colorado Springs

I bought the lavender extra dry formula…I love it.

Pamela Grace Gray Killion Colorado Springs

I will tell you this—I have spent at least $300.00, maybe more, on products to heal the eczema both my kids have had on and off since birth. My daughter, who is 3, had it until about a year ago, And now my son, who is 1.5, has it so bad that nothing would relieve it.

My husband and I went on spring break this last week to Colorado Springs, and I went into this cute little shop to buy some vintage-like clothing and saw this Creme being sold in there. I had to try something. Between the dry air there and the swimming pool and bathing, he was suffering. The very first time we put it on him, his skin the next morning was smoothing out and the red was diminishing. The second application that morning, it started to smooth his texture, and now after 8 applications, his skin is as smooth as when he was born. This product is worth the money!!! Worth the second look, people! I am even going to discuss with my pediatrician that he recommend it to clients he usually tells to use Aquaphore to calm down eczema. This product will be used by my whole family without fail. Thank you, sweet lady, for such a wonderful product!!!

Erika Hollis Texas