Last week I had the opportunity to hand out bottles of Colorado Crème at a corporate function held by the pool at The Broadmoor Hotel. Lots of pictures in this post—it’s so pretty there! Two hundred and fifty top AT&T salespeople and their guests got to take home samples from a Colorado Marketplace featuring a local brewer, Colorado honey, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and, you got it, Colorado Crème!

Ellen at table

And, as you can imagine at the Broadmoor, the event was done just so.


We had a table in a cabana by the infinity pool and lake (with an obliging swan!). You can see me leaning against a post by the pool in the photo above.

dining table

There were tables for eating and comfy chairs for relaxing…


A stunning mountain view, live music, cool breezes, fires to get warm by if you were chilly, a telescope pointed at Saturn (you could see the rings!), LOTS of food and drink…


Everything was decorated with a Colorado theme…


And all I had to do was have people try scents I brought and pick their favorites to take home. Their company had already purchased the bottles, so there was no selling going on. Talk about fun!


The salespeople who were being honored were so nice and very interested in how I got started. I talked myself blue for 3 hours.


My husband and partner Steve was invaluable! It’s so cool how people enjoy hearing about small business startups. I even had one guy tell me that we should go on Shark Tank. Haha, maybe someday…


We had a great time and look forward to doing more events like this. I’ll leave you with this beautiful shot of the sun setting…

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