Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What an amazing year this has been! Here’s a recap:

In January, we collapsed for a short while to recover from the fall craft fair season, but then got revved up for our first trade show in February in Denver. It was a success! We spent most of the spring making product that would end up in about 14 stores around Colorado and even New Mexico.

Yours truly at our first trade show

In May, we moved into a new house and unpacked a bit and went on our lovely but rainy anniversary trip to Cancun in June. During July we stayed pretty close to home because my mom took a fall and ended up in the hospital for a week. In mid-August, school started and we were already prepping for our first holiday craft fair in October.

In September, we bought our new green Jeep and got to enjoy some of Colorado’s spectacular fall weather and colors in the mountains.

In October, I created Lavender Lemongrass. The holiday madness began and ran every other weekend until December 3. We had our best year ever! I’m so thankful for all our fabulous customers who came out and chatted and purchased and sometimes even sold product for me because the booth was so busy! We have the best customers ever.

That’s it for 2018. We’ve got big plans for next year so stay tuned!


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