Tired of Your Itchy, Flaky, Dry Skin?

High Country Skincare products are specially formulated to combat dry skin that comes with living in a semi-arid climate like Colorado. Its short ingredient list is paraben-free but full of natural and organic skin soothers. Simple is sometimes a really good thing, especially for sensitive skin. Like the best natural lotions, High Country Skincare contains ingredients that are plant-based and natural. Organic oils, essential oils, botanical extracts, beeswax, and glycerin are powerhouses that moisturize and protect your skin’s freshness.

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Nancy Sutton

Nancy Sutton

"The creams provides instant softness to my skin without a greasy feeling. My nose appreciates a scent that is fragrant, yet not overpowering."



"I just started using High Country Skincare and I LOVE it! The cream formulas soak into your skin instantly without feeling heavy or sticky."

Brenna Harvey

Brenna Harvey

"I love this lotion. I have so many lotions that I never use because they feel greasy, but not this one. It absorbs so well into my skin."


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